Shannon McCabe's Vampire Ball

" When I throw a party, there is always a theme.  I like my guests to
feel as if they have stepped into the actual TV show or movie (Lost
Boys 2016 ) we are portraying.  This year folks will be able to interact
with our actors and step inside the indoor carnival esq boardwalk
known as "Santa Carla".  Carnival games, Freak show, Fire Breathing
and more await you and it's all for a great cause... kids!"
Shannon  McCabe

Our past Vampire Ball themes included:

2009- Twilight Prom-  A tribute to Edward & Bella

2010- Truly Bloody Ball- A tribute to all things True Blood (HBO).

2011- Dracula- A tribute to all things Bram Stoker.

2012-  The Vampire Chronicles- A tribute to all things Anne Rice

2013 - Dark Shadows

2014- True Blood 2- Fairies, Werewolves & Vampires have descended upon
Bon Temps, Louisiana during Mardi Gras...

2015- Quentin Tarintino's - From Dusk Till Dawn (a parody)  at our new home
in Sacramento- the CA Automobile Museum on Front Street!

2016- The "Lost Boys" are coming out of their cave and swarming the
beach boardwalk of "Santa Carla".  Join us on Saturday October 29th
for one hell of a bloody good time.. v v

We hope you'll sink your teeth into "Lost Boys" (a parody) this October 29th!
501C3 Pending