I would love to give you a brief description on what the  Vampire Ball & the Krewe of
Vampires are and what we do... The Vampire Ball  is a large Halloween party(500-700
people/vampires) at the beautiful CA Auto Museum in Sacramento. We have many
performers and all kinds of things going on throughout the halls of the haunted museum.
We have an outdoor courtyard with fire dancers and food trucks and inside there are
things that go bump in the night and DJ Bryan Hawk keeping the music going all night
long.  This year our bars will benefit the Krewe of Vampires charity!

This is our 3rd year that we will be raising money for the UC Davis children's hospital and
Shriner's through the Spirit of Children 501C3. A portion of every ticket sold at the Spirit
Halloween Superstores goes to the kids directly.  The hospitals use the money to
entertain the kids and hire extra child life specialists to help the children feel more at
home in their environment.  Last year while helping the Spirit stores, we were able to help
raise 50k for each hospital, through sales of purple pumpkins in store (at Spirit Halloween
in Sacramento) and the Vampire Ball.  

This year we have assembled a wonderful team of vampires and cosplayers who hope  to
make the hospital a little less scary for kids!  We found that there were  a few organized
groups in Sacramento doing this already, such as the League of Heroes Inspired, and
we've decided to work together for a common goal.  We will entertain, throw parties and
just hang out with kids who desperately need fun while going through their various
treatments.  We eventually hope to grant wishes to children in need through our yearly

We also have a group of ladies that we call the "VAMPS".  These lovely vampires help
with our charity work, run our booths at various events, promote body positivity, and
support each other and the community through their charity work.  We love our VAMPS!

We have begun our  charity paperwork (pending 501c3) for the Krewe of Vampires.  With
fingers crossed we hope to be approved by 2017

Thank you for your interest in the Krewe of Vampires and Shannon McCabe's Vampire

Shannon McCabe
Krewe of Vampires