Meet Shannon McCabe ..

Trust the universe, follow the moon and give back … to everyone.

That may be the best way Shannon McCabe can be introduced. If you
haven’t heard, Shannon McCabe has been working for Sacramento for
decades, creating, often on a gigantic scale, and always supporting
charities. Her dedication to her own charity,
KOV Children’s Charities has
provided fun parties and electronic devices for the UCDavis Children’s
Hospital and Shriner’s of Northern CA for just over a year now, and has
brought joy and value to children being treated at the hospitals. Shannon
and her staff of volunteers also work closely with the Northern CA Spirit
Halloween stores to sell "purple pumpkins" in and out of the stores, to
raise cold hard cash that we donate to the hospitals every November.  
Shannon and her volunteers have been part of the
Spirit of Children team
that has raised over $350K for the hospitals to date. Shannon and the
Vampire Ball Krewe bring smiles and give kids the chance to step away
from their daily grind of their hospital routines.

Shannon could easily write a book about her life and experiences, a true
talent, she began working in paranormal investigation with her company
HPI Paranormal, published books, and did TV spots for shows like,  "Penn
and Teller’s Bullshit" on Showtime, "Oddities, San Francisco" on A&E, and
several episodes of "My Ghost Story" on A&E ….She is a actor, and has
done TV for "The Day I Almost Died" and several independent local  
movies.  Shannon is a  singer, performer, DJ, and piano musician and true
believer in living  life to it’s fullest every day!

With all that can be said or written, the
Vampire Ball is the shining star.
The annual Ball, celebrating it’s 10 year anniversary, is inspired by her
love of Vampires, the energy of Fall and all things Halloween. The Ball has
evolved into a anticipated event, full of costumes, themed re creations,
theatrical staging,  and a bounty of vendors, performers, and music ...all to
the light of the moon and to raise funds for kids.

In any free time, Shannon finds herself drawn to her other passion, her
husband Bruce Kubel, who inspires her as a musician to make it her own.
Shannon  is determined to master piano, writing  music and working
alongside Bruce, and performing.  Have a look at their website
and Bruce

Never shy from the world, Shannon McCabe brings magic to her events,
her friends and to her charity work, and anything she sets her mind to.

Shannon is  self-made, self-taught, and self-motivated ...A true goddess of
the night!

Written by Wendy Russell , PR
Photo by: Erica Breitsprecher of Breit Image Photography